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Your choice of chicken, home-smoked pulled pork, home-smoked brisket or ground beef. Then we ad...

Pulled Pork Egg Rolls

Home-smoked pulled pork and creamy coleslaw, hand-rolled and deep fried to perfection. Served w...

Breaded Applewood Smoked Bacon

You HAVE to try this! Breaded with our own blend of ingredients AND deep fried! I’m serio...

Jalapeño Popper Wontons

Don’t miss out on these! Eight pieces of Pounders' own homemade blend of cream cheese...

Fried Pickle Slices


How do you make a pickle better?? Bread it & deep fry it! Can you dig it?

Cheese Curds


A traditional favorite! Yummy, gooey, Wisconsin white cheddar cheese. Battered and fried.

Loaded Chicken Chips

Chicken smothered in our creamy alfredo sauce. Then we add cheese, bacon and chives all topped ...

Buffalo Chicken Chips

A pile of home-fried ripple chips topped with chicken, shredded cheese, wing sauce, celery and ...

Pulled Pork Nachos

Home-smoked pulled pork piled high with jalapeños, tomatoes, diced onions, shredded chee...

Philly Steak Nachos

Choose tortilla chips or tater tots, topped with Philly steak, Monterey jack cheese sauce, saut...

Traditional Nachos

Choose tortilla chips or tater tots,topped with seasoned beef, dicedtomatoes, red onion, green ...

Chili Cheese Nachos

Choose tortilla chips or tater tots topped with chili, cheddar jack cheese, black olives, diced...

Chips & Queso


Home-fried tortilla chips and our homemade three-cheese queso.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

A baked, creamy blend of spinach, artichokes, and melted cheese. Served with toasted ciabatta b...


Hand-cut tenderloin tips, fried to perfection and sprinkled with our own blend of special seaso...

Onion Straws


Thin sliced onions, hand-battered and cooked to crispy perfection.